Cities Racing to Zero – Urban Responses to the Climate Emergency

Co-organised by the Embassies of Italy and the UK to Germany and BABLE

Wednesday, 23 September 2020 from 11:00 - 12:30 CEST

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Event summary

This digital event, co-organised by the Embassies of Italy and the UK to Germany and BABLE, is part of the event-duo Making cities fit for the future: best practices from the UK, Italy and Germany.

Cities around the world have become frontrunners on sustainability, are key players in the green recovery, and are central to the UK and Italy COP26 campaigns. Acting jointly, they can be a real transformative power, offering a test ground for new ideas and innovation, and making climate action feel relevant and applicable to their citizens. At the same time, cities are increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, requiring considerable investment into resilient infrastructure. The event-duo is part of European Sustainable Development Week and will offer a platform to discuss best practices from city-level climate action, drawing on experiences from Italy, the UK and Germany.

At our Cities Racing to Zero event on 23 September 2020, we will explore innovative and ambitious approaches to reaching net-zero emissions at the city-level, with a focus on urban mobility concepts. An interactive format will allow for networking and provide an engaging space for city stakeholders, citizens and experts to explore together solutions and ideas for the urban transition.


Agenda Point Time Summary
Optional Networking & Technical Support 10.30 AM The event space will open half an hour before the event starts, so participants can get familiar with Remo (e.g. setting up their microphones and cameras) and chat informally with other participants. A ‘test table’ will be offered for technical help.
Welcome & Setting the Scene 11.00 AM Welcome from the hosts; introduction to the importance of city ambition for COP26, and to the Race to Zero Campaign.
Panel 11.10 AM Short intro round followed by a moderated panel discussion with representatives from UK, IT and GER cities.
Breakout Sessions 11.45 AM We will offer multiple breakout groups, around Urban Decarbonisation and around Urban Mobility topics. At the end of the virtual Breakout Sessions, groups will be invited to feed back the main aspects of their discussions. The aim is to enable an exchange of best practice, networking possibilities, and to identify potential areas for future cooperation.
Optional Networking 12.30 PM Optional Networking after the end of the main event. Opportunity to further exchange and discuss ideas with speakers, workshop leads, participants and organisers.


Further Information

How can I join the ‘Cities Racing to Zero – Urban Responses to the Climate Emergency’ virtual event?

Sign up here before 18 September if you would like to join our virtual event. Once you have successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation email from us including a link to the online event space Remo and the associated YouTube live stream (for everyone who just wants to follow the panel but not actively participate in the workshops). The email will further contain all relevant information on technical requirements.

Who organises the ‘Cities Racing to Zero – Urban Responses to the Climate Emergency’ virtual event?

The virtual event is co-organised by the British Embassy Berlin , the Embassy of Italy Berlin and BABLE, a young Morgenstadt spin-off facilitating innovation in cities.

This event is part of an event-duo Making cities fit for the future, with a second event on nature in cities on the 25th September. For details and registration for the second event, please click here.

More questions?

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Natalie Wolf
Natalie Wolf
Event Coordination